Officers of the College


Officers Appointed by the Supreme Magus


Chief Adept:  John W. Davis, III, IX°

Secretary & Treasurer:  William L. Dill, VII°

Officers Elected by the Fratres of the College

Celebrant:  D. Allen Surratt, IX°

Suffragen:  John M. Walston, Jr., VIII°

Primus Antient:  To be Elected

Secundus Antient:  Douglas S. Moore, VIII°

Tertius Antient: Richard M. Ripley, VIII°

Quartus Antient:  Raymond B. Casey, VII°

Officers Appointed by the Chief Adept

Conductor of Novices:  To be Appointed

First Herald: To be Appointed

Second Herald:  Wayne D. Walker, VII°

Torch Bearer:  R. Bradley Bunn, VII°

Guardian of the Caverns: To be Appointed

Medalist:  Terry D. Pritt, VII°

Acolyte:  Russell E. Bridges, VII°

Librarian:  Jonathan A. Underwood, VII°

Historian:  David C. Ladd, VII°

Chaplain:  Bobby J. Kitchen, VII°


Chief Adept Emeritus: Donald B. Street, IX°, K G C

Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus: J. Luigi Ammons, IX°

Celebrant Emeritus: William B. Brunk, IX°, K G C